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  • Persephone Necklace - Front
  • Persephone Necklace - Front
  • Persephone Necklace - Back
  • Persephone Necklace - Clasp
  • Model wearing Persephone at 19" length

Product Description

The Persephone Necklace

change, self-reliance, balance of light & dark

Handmade from sterling silver and 18k gold, the Persephone necklace shows the goddess gently cupping a pomegranate ripe from the tree. Her body is carved from a recycled piano key, and her features delicately scrimshawed by hand. The necklace is reversible - showing the stone on the back - and beaded with natural gemstones. Persephone's smile displays her knowledge of both spring and winter of the earth and human heart, and reminds us that we are dual-sided creatures with the capacity for both strength and love in equal balance.  She measures 1.7" x 1.2".

Each goddess necklace is signed on the bottom by the artist, with an easy-to-use sterling silver and gemstone box clasp.  The standard beading length is 19" but can be strung to any length. 

Warranty Information

Persephone is one of the most complex and interesting goddesses in the world. The child of Demeter (the harvest goddess) and Zeus (the sky god), she was a sweet maiden who preferred to live away from Mount Olympus in the wild hills and forests. She is sometimes called "Kore," which literally translates as "maiden;" as such, she represents the innocence and purity of childhood. Persephone is the girl in every woman.

And like every girl, she had to pass through the loss of innocence; the traditional rite-of-passage we all went through, in our various ways. For Persephone, it happened while she gathered flowers in a field. The earth cleaved open and Hades appeared, driving his chariot in a storm of wheels and horses, and grabbed Persephone, disappearing into the depths of the world. Hades “hustled her, screaming,/ into his car, and carried her off, disregarding the protests/ which she cried aloud...” It must have been terrifying for the young girl: the loss of all she knew in a moment, alone and afraid in a strange dark place. The myth speaks to our own human experience. Just as we progress from girl to woman and enter new territory, so too does Persephone. In ancient Greece, young girls went through a ritual dedicated to Persephone, where they acted out certain aspects of the myth to symbolize their new womanhood.

Yet it was in the Underworld that Persephone found her strength; away from everything familiar, she was forced to develop her budding qualities, eventually becoming the Queen of the Underworld. She ate several pomegranate seeds given to her by Hades: a symbol of her acceptance of her new world and growing self-dependence. These seeds bound her to return once a year to the sunless realms, where she reigns as the Queen of Justice among all the souls that were and ever will be. In Greek mythology, the Underworld was not 'hell' or 'heaven,' but merely the dwelling place of the departed, where Persephone arbitrated and ruled.

Persephone's story has a multitude of meanings. At its most basic, the ancient Greeks used the myth to explain the seasons: while Persephone is away in the Underworld, her mother - the harvest goddess Demeter - mourns for her lost child and causes the plants to wither. And yet the tale also symbolizes the inevitable loss of childhood and innocence through which all girls pass and emerge stronger and self-reliant, as woman and queen. My own favorite interpretation is maintaining the balance of light and dark. Persephone's journey reminds us that, while life is often bright and beautiful and easy, there must be darkness and hardship as well... for without the night, how would we know the sun?

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