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  • Artemis Necklace - Front
  • Artemis Necklace - Front
  • Artemis Necklace - Back
  • Artemis Necklace - Clasp
  • Model wearing Artemis at 19" length

Product Description

The Artemis Necklace

goddess of animals, healing, the moon

Handmade from sterling silver and 18k gold, the Artemis necklace shows the goddess holding her beloved cat companion. Her face is carved from a recycled piano key, and her features delicately scrimshawed by hand.  The necklace is reversible - showing the stone on the back - and beaded with natural black sapphires.  Artemis, the goddess of animals, was known for her love of all living creatures, and reminds us that women can be both fierce and gentle and love with strength.  She measures 1.9" x 1.25".

Each goddess necklace is signed on the bottom by the artist, with an easy-to-use sterling silver and gemstone box clasp.  The standard beading length is 19" but can be strung to any length.

Warranty Information

Artemis, also known as Diana by the ancient Romans, is one of the most powerful female figures in mythological history. The virgin goddess of animals, she lived in the untamed wilderness with her band of wood nymphs, honoring the sacred balance between woman and nature. As the protectress of the forest, she loved all living creatures, with cats and deer being especially sacred to her. Artemis also loved the moon, just as her twin brother Apollo loved the sun: together creating the sacred balance of dark and light seen throughout all cultures. Artemis demonstrates the two sides of all women: the nurturing helper and the fierce protectress.

But Artemis did not only symbolize the strength of women. She was also the goddess of childbirth, easing the pangs of labor, and the protectress of adolescent girls (who were called arktoi or "little she-bears"). She looked after both her maiden and animal companions, and she shows us how to love with strength. As the goddess of the moon, she represents the tidal force of emotions, reminding women of the hot-blooded and wild spirit we all possess. Fleetly running through the trees in her knee-length tunic, her golden bow strapped to her back and her beloved deer sprinting beside her, Artemis helps us become a woman free in all things.

Artemis, shown here holding her beloved cat companion, stands tall with golden stars strewn in her hair. These stars represent her connection with the night sky, and her sweet kitty marks her as the protectress of animals and the wild forest.

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