Stories of Venus

Venus Perhaps the most famous of all goddesses, Venus – also known as Aphrodite – is the Roman goddess of love, magic, beauty, and abundance.  This golden woman was born from the foam of the sea at the creation of the world, and she has been present from the very beginning of time.  Venus loved gaiety and followed her heart wherever it led her, entering into some of the most romantic love affairs of the age.  Now recognized as one of the most powerful forces on Earth, Venus’s influence is perhaps more widespread than that of any other god or goddess, for all people – no matter their character or position in life – possess a capacity for love.

In a competition between her and her fellow goddesses, Venus was ultimately chosen to receive Paris’ golden apple: a metaphor that reminds us despite the charms of wisdom and loyalty, ultimately it is love that conquers all.

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“Ode to Venus”

by Becca Tarnas & Her Women’s Circle

In love and beauty we come together:
Clamshell of pink, my heart opens anew,
Curling waves line my heart’s divine life smiles,
Sweet ethereal songs overflowing,
Femininity rising from the sea.
Beloved, touch me in the womb of your night,
My virginity, blessed in love’s embrace,
Heart expanding, stretching thin, welcome pain,
Cupped in your lovely, mutilated hands.
Behold the goddess behind every face,
In your heart, echoes of infinite birth pain.
I love to walk under stars shining bright.