Stories of the Dragon

WhiteDragon Dragons are one of the world’s oldest symbols, from ancient Chinese mythology to British heraldry.  These iconic creatures populate stories as the cunning adversary or the wise helper, but they universally possess a nobility and strength that resonates throughout the ages. The dragon reminds us to value our independence and power, and listen to the inner wisdom of our heart.  Whether carefully protected or shining forth like a light, we all possess the heart of a dragon.  It is up to us how we use it.

Though dragons sometimes appear as the obstacle or villain in many stories, they teach us how to overcome difficulties and eventually reach the goal of our quest.  Without anything in our way, how would we ever develop our sense of the heroic?  As Jane Yolen puts it in her 1993 poem “Why Dragons?”:

“Of course it’s the knight who has won this hard battle,
Who wins in a poem beaten out on a forge
Of human devising and human invention.
BUT: If there’s no dragon – then there’s no Saint George.”

GoldenDragon1 GoldenDragon2

My current Heart of the Golden Dragon necklace is crowned in silver, with the flying dragon carved from 18k gold and recycled piano keys.  Backed by golden turquoise and beaded with natural golden pearls, he is still available for his new home!  Contact me at for larger pictures.

 Dreamwalker My Spirit of the Dragon design will debut in book cover form on August 14th!  Penguin Books of London approached me and asked to use my design for the cover of Dreamwalker by J. D. Oswald.  I’m excited to read the book, as dragons have always been one of my favorite creatures.