Stories of Freyja

Freyja The most famous Norse goddess, Freyja is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, magic, and battle, and her name translates to “The Lady.” She dwells in her sacred hall of Folkvang, where the fierce maiden Valkyries deliver the souls of fallen heroes to become Freyja’s honored soldiers. She is the fairest of all the goddesses in Norse tradition, and people pray to her for happiness, love, and assistance in childbirth. As a strong priestess, Freyja possesses a magic coat made of falcon feathers that allows her to fly between her realms, since she is known as Queen of both Heaven and Earth. She is a powerful example of the feminine: strong, clever, and nurturing, Freyja reminds us of the many sides there are to every woman.

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“Lady of the Vanir” by Alice Karlsdóttir

There came a lady fae the west
Who left not one cold man here;
She smelled of trees and ocean breeze,
The Lady of the Vanir.

She kissed the pollen on the rose,
She kissed the golden corn ear,
She kissed the seed within the womb,
The Lady of the Vanir.

As she went forth, her white neck shone
With the jewels of ice and fire,
And in her path the flowers they grew
For the Lady of the Vanir.

Some make things grow, and others know,
And some are fair and full of cheer,
But there’s not a sweeter, wilder love
Than the Lady of the Vanir.